Missy Elliott Explains Why She Hasn’t Released an Album in Nine Years

Nearly nine years since her last release, Missy Elliott explains the delay for a follow-up. Missy Elliott Explains Why She Hasn’t Released an Album in Nine Years

Missy Elliott, whose last official studio album was 2005’s The Cookbook, explained to Yahoo this week why she has taken so long to put a follow-up together.

While she confirmed an album is in the works and she has been recording with Faith Evans, the release tentatively titled Block Party won’t drop any time soon. During the interview, writer’s block was implied, but with the state of the music industry the way it is, Elliott says she now feels higher expectations for her music: “When I create something, it's got to be special. And it can't just be throw something out there because I feel like I'm Missy. I've got to feel like what I'm giving the fans is 100 percent and that it's game-changing. I don't just throw out microwave records.”

Although Elliott released two songs in 2012, not long after Timbaland claimed they’d both put out albums that summer, she told Yahoo that she feels the pressure to have a release that lasts. Speaking about how quickly albums come and go these days, she said: “But it's now like this (snaps). But your brain needs time to refresh because things happen in your life where, you know, you can then write something else instead of the same three topics. Like, how many times are we going to talk about the club?”

The Cookbook reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and was further nominated for a Grammy. The release generated three singles, including hit “Lose Control” and “We Run This.”

Written on Feb 07 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: missy elliott block party


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