'Ministry' Rocker Mike Scaccia Dies of Heart Attack

The late guitarist was one of the pioneers of metal music in Rigor Mortis' home state of Texas. 'Ministry' Rocker Mike Scaccia Dies of Heart Attack

Mike Scaccia, the former member of critically acclaimed metal bands "Rigor Mortis" and "Ministry," passed away on Saturday after suffering a heart attack.

The rock guitarist, who was 47, had reunited with his "Rigor Mortis" pals to celebrate the birthday of their band's lead singer Bruce Corbitt in Fort Worth, Texas. While performing on stage, he suddenly collapsed and despite being rushed to hospital, his life couldn't be saved.

It was initially thought that he had suffered a seizure, triggered by the venue's strobe lighting, but the coroner's report discarded that belief and revealed that the rocker actually died of a sudden heart attack caused by an unexplained heart disease.

Al Jourgensen, the lead singer of Scaccia's other band "Ministry," broke the news of the guitarist's death in a message posted on the official website of his record label.

"I just lost my lil' brother and my best friend," he wrote before adding: "Mikey was not only the best guitar player in the history of music, but he was a close, close, close part of our family - and i just lost a huge chunk of my heart today. Our lives are forever changed. Life without Mikey is like orange juice without pulp - kind of bland. I have no words to express what this guy meant to me, my family, my career....everything!"

Corbitt, whose birthday party became Scaccia's final performance, referred to him as "the greatest guitar player I ever knew" on his Facebook page.

"My brother is gone. The only reason I am who I am is because of this man. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't even be in a band," the singer added.

Scaccia gained fame in the early 80s by forming "Rigor Mortis," and the group is widely regarded as the pioneers of death-metal music in Texas. The band's early promise led them to being signed by Capitol Records, which was very rare achievement at that time for a band of their style and stature. 

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