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"Mine" Video Review

Taylor Swift's new single "Mine" has an official video to go along with it, what do you think? It's definitely a more grown-up love story than some of Swift's earlier hits. Is our little Taylor all grown up or what?

Toby Hemingway has managed to capture the attention of music lovers thanks to his starring role in Taylor Swift's "Mine" music video. The English towhead will certainly get us to the theater later this year thanks to his work in the darker, "Black Swan." For now, however, he's this week's Hump Day Hottie on Mtv.

Recently, Taylor Swift told EW that the first single, “Mine,” off her forth coming album Speak Now was about her “tendency to run from love.” But she added this caveat: “This song is sort of about finding the exception to that.” Special! Now that the video has been released—it hit the Internets just this evening!—we fully understand what she meant: This is a love song that actually seems to have a happy ending. (Novel for a country song!) In the video, Taylor tells a story—a big, ol’ lovey one, of course.

In this case, it’s pretty simple: Girl meets boy; girl and boy fall for each other; boy proposes to girl in a boat on a lake (totally not a cliché!); girl accepts the glittery ring; boy and girl fight and head toward breakup; and, the big twist: boy and girl reconcile! - EW

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rachel garcia 192p 2 months ago

i like her song all of them.


jet wang 10p 9 months ago

so beautiful


Gina Lasula 1630p 2 years ago

i like her song beautiful singer


Caytii Beckmann 20p 4 years ago

I don't usueally like her song butt, i like this



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Taylor Swift - Mine