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Lil' Boosie Mind Of A Maniac lyrics is the 16th song on the album "Superbad: The Return Of Boosie Bad Azz" by Lil' Boosie. The "Mind Of A Maniac" lyrics by Lil' Boosie are displayed below.
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Mind Of A Maniac by Lil' Boosie


We go and get it get ya weight up

And when them camera flash you ain't never gotta ask if that's Boosie bad azz straight up!

Angels runnin us off I ain't runnin my mouth spade for spade I'm the realest nigga out

Know what I'm talkin bout

My niggas let chalk out

Jealous cause we fresher than the rest of them fellas and stick together

Gotta have alarms now I can't trust nobody I gotta keep a desert eagle nigga know I got it

Heart full of fuckin pain cause I'm tired of gettin stabbed

And grabbed by all these the mutha fuckin crabs.

I laugh but maintain don't switch the game plan and fuck the police they bring us no peace.

This the mind of me ((Boosie boo)) so much shit goin on where I roam how I'm gonna find some peace?

They say I'm a role model but I'm not a role model gotta smile when I ain't gotta tired & still holla

I'm a boss so I go off know I like to show off on the road of riches gotta murda these niggas

((Ain't got no mind))

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[Chorus x2]


We holla fuck cops if we fall off with this rap mane it's back to the trap to bust blocks

Man who can I trust now nigga fuckin up the game it's down to momma pain & CEO's and main mane

Gon' be in the chain gang these niggas don't stop playin from niggas and bitches yes sir I got game.

God cursed me with diabetes I feel like I'm insane you ain't from the hood & you don't deserve

It mane in the streets they murder mane and Boosie he a target so me?

I got my 40 when I'm shittin on the toilet I'm paranoid starin' hard to get ya ass hit.

Four or five chains I ain't never had shit.

Fuck a bitch she wanna mingle ha she want my jingles one hit wonders gettin rich off a single.

What's happnin' Michael Vick? Don't snitch tell that judge we kill deals and it's real.

((Ain't got no mind))


[Chorus x2]


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