Miley Cyrus Tattoos ‘Love Never Dies’ On Bicep

Singer Miley Cyrus was seen in a new photo this past weekend, showing off a new tattoo that reads ‘Love Never Dies’. Miley Cyrus Tattoos ‘Love Never Dies’ On Bicep

Former Hannah Montana actress and singer Miley Cyrus is showing fans another tattoo, adding to her collection this past February 18th.  After paying a visit to the Los Angeles Studio City Tattoo just last Saturday, Cyrus came out with the words ‘Love Never Dies’ permanently inked on the inside of her bicep.

Per TMZ, Cyrus went to the tattoo studio around 8pm with her long time boyfriend actor and 'The Hunger Games' star, Liam Hemsworth, and a couple of their friends.  The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus was said to be the only who got a tattoo.  She was worked on by an artist at the studio named Illya, who has reportedly worked on the young singer before.  Since getting her new tat, a picture of Miley flexing her bicep with the words on her inner bicep, reading ‘Love Never Dies’, has hit the web.

The ‘Party in the USA’ singer has also decided to chop her once curly locks, opting for a shorter bob, since visiting the tattoo shop.  Looking more adult, Cyrus tweeted another new photo to fans showing off her new appearance.  “Got ANOTHER hair cut! You likey?!”

After getting feedback from what sounds to be shocked fans, Miley tweeted - “All y’all are saying its soooo short! Only cut about an inch & a half off tonight! In total about 5 inches!!! I love it! So liberating!”  It looks as though Cyrus is moving far from her days as a Disney star and into more adult territory.

Written on Feb 22 2012 by Sarah Luoma (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: miley cyrus Tattoo Love Never Dies


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