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New Music: Mika feat. Pharrell - 'Celebrate'

23 Jun New Music: Mika feat. Pharrell - 'Celebrate'  Picture Mika could be a motivational speaker. All of his music has that uplifting, happy-go-lucky message; “Love Today,” “Grace Kelly,” “Big Girls (You Are Beautiful)” are just a few examples. With “Celebrate,” he proves that he hasn’t lost his penchant for penning peppy songs. The singer swaps his trademark high-pitched vocal range... Read more »

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Mika Gives Details on New Album

19 Jun Mika Gives Details on New Album Picture At the end of last week, Mika debuted a new single, the Pharrell Williams-featuring track “Celebrate.” The single is a harbinger of more material to come – most notably, a new album. Scheduled for a September 16 release, the album, titled The Origin of Love, comes out on Island Records. As Mika’s third album, The Origin of Love is a... Read more »

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