Mika Gives Details on New Album

Mika, recently, discussed his upcoming album ‘The Origin of Love,’ due September 16. Mika Gives Details on New Album

At the end of last week, Mika debuted a new single, the Pharrell Williams-featuring track “Celebrate.” The single is a harbinger of more material to come – most notably, a new album. Scheduled for a September 16 release, the album, titled The Origin of Love, comes out on Island Records. As Mika’s third album, The Origin of Love is a follow-up to The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

“Celebrate,” making its debut last week, was written by Mika and Pharrell and produced by Nick Littlemore. Along with Mika, Pharrell provided vocals on the track. About “Celebrate,” Mika told the press: “This single is what happens when you combine a 22 year old you find online, Fryars, with an extra-planetary Nick Littlemore and Pharrell Williams! Written by me, Pharrell and Fryars and produced by Nick, this kind of collaboration is only possible when everyone throws themselves into it wanting to have fun and without any ego. This collective and open attitude was at the heart of 'The Origin Of Love'. It's an album about crazy love songs and tolerance. It was recorded in Miami and London but mostly in Fryars' north London bedroom studio!"

Aside from “Celebrate,” the rest of Origin was put together by Mika and features collaborations from various guest artists. Somewhat reminiscent of the producers behind Madonna’s recent MDNA, Origin includes William Orbit, Benny Benassi, FrYars, Greg Wells, and Klas Ahlund, along with several unsigned musicians Mika found online.

Over the past two years, Mika has been on tour, and goes back on the road July 26. If you did not catch “Celebrate,” hear it below:

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