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Chris Ledoux Mighty Lucky Man lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "20 Originals: The Early Years" by Chris Ledoux. The "Mighty Lucky Man" lyrics by Chris Ledoux are displayed below.
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Mighty Lucky Man by Chris Ledoux

Well, I figure myself a mighty luck man with the simple few things I've got

There's money in the pockets of these old wore out jeans

I've got a trailer house and a lot

My wife's good lookin' and a heck of a cook and she does her best to satisfy

I've got a little bitty boy he's my pride and joy

And a happiness that money can't buy

Well I owe everything that I've got the the Lord he's delt me a mighty good hand

And I owe a lotta people in a lot of different ways for making me what I am

But the one thing that I'm most thankful for I guess it was a stroke of good luck

Is when the Lord looked down on this great big world and made those horses that buck

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Well, I wonder what my life would be like today if not for them buckin' old broncs

I guess I'd be tied to desk and a phone or workin' at some old gas pumps

Well I know that I can't ride forever but I'll do it just as long as I can

Cause it's live for today forget about tomorrow life of a rodeo man

Well I owe everything...

When the Lord looked down on this great big world

And made those horses that buck

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