Mick Jagger Compares One Direction to Rolling Stones

Surprisingly enough, the iconic lead singer found ways to relate tot he new boy band. Mick Jagger Compares One Direction to Rolling Stones

While many veterans in the business might look at a boy band with scorn and judgment, Mick Jagger has tossed aside elitism to actually give One Direction a fair chance. 

During a recent interview on CNN, he commented on the fact that the members of that extremely popular group are not unlike the Rolling Stones in their early days.  How does he know?  He watched one of their concerts “just to check [it] out.”

Jagger said he could relate to how the band was “pushed around among the audience” allowing them to kind of float above their fans.  What he observed during this ritual was also pretty interesting – he said they looked “distinctly uncomfortable.”

Recognizes it because he remembers feeling the same way 50 years ago and it just stuck him as a bit funny to be able to make that connection.

There’s something even more surprising, though.  Ronnie Wood, another member of the Rolling Stones, says the he considers the guys of 1D his “pals” and claims that, before they made it big, he encouraged them to “stick with it” and they even jam together sometimes.

One Direction have sold over 13 million records worldwide.

Written on Nov 19 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: one direction rolling stones 1D rolling stones ronnie wood mick jagger


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