Michael Jackson's Father Suffers Mild Stroke

According to reports this is not the first time the famous patriarch has dealt with this. Michael Jackson's Father Suffers Mild Stroke

Need a reminder that we are all getting old?  Joe Jackson is 83 years old.  It seemed like just yesterday the patriarch was vibrant and strong and being accused of delivering beatings to his children, including Michael Jackson.  Now, he’s a much older man, the years are showing in his demeanor and in the lines of his face and, the one looming, intimidating figure looks more like a man in the golden years of life. 

Unfortunately, as is often the case when we get older, our bodies stop working as well as they used to and we become vulnerable to certain things.  Mr. Jackson apparently suffered a mild stroke this week which sent him to a Las Vegas hospital late Wednesday night.  He decided to seek medical attention when he started having trouble standing up and walking.

Although, he was also having pains in his head, he should be released today and appears to be doing fairly well, all things considered.

This is reportedly not the first time this has happened.  Mr. Jackson is said to have had at least a couple strokes in the past. 

His wife, Katherine, lives in Los Angeles with Michael’s children.  She is said to have been making her way to Vegas to be with her husband.

Written on Nov 30 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: michael jackson joe jackson stroke father


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