Michael Buble Discusses Married Life, Kids

Canadian crooner, Michael Buble, opens up about married life with South American superstar, Luisana Lopilato. Michael Buble Discusses Married Life, Kids

Canadian singer, Michael Bublé, recently married Argentine superstar, Luisana Lopilato, and, apparently, life couldn’t be better.  In addition to his status as a newlywed, Bublé is a busy man – he has released a Christmas album and a memoir, Onstage, Offstage.

In a recent interview, the crooner discussed his life with his strong, successful wife.  He told AOL Music:  “This is going to sound kind of weird, but I find that it's better [because] there's no escape. People quit so easy on their relationships. Before when we'd get into a big fight, sometimes we'd indulge ourselves and fight for a long time and make threats. Then we got married and you realize this is a heavy decision we've made so let's just work this out instead of resenting each other. And I think you realize that, or at least I realized, there are fundamental things that you will never agree upon. Never, never, never. And we accept that. So it's been good.”

When discussing his wife’s popularity, he candidly spoke about how their careers sometimes keep them from seeing each other as often as most couples: “It's a cliché, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. We're just such independent people that love our work and when she does a TV show or movie, a lot of these people she's known for her whole life, they're like family. Same for my band, those are my best friends, so as much as I miss my family at home, it's nice to get out there, too. If we're together for a month or something and I know she's taking off to do a movie, we look at each other like, ‘I love you, but woohoo!’”

What will happen, though, when the couple decide to have a child?  Bublé touched on that topic as well: “I know, I know. I'm watching that. This year everyone's pregnant or having babies, it feels like. It goes in cycles, but everyone I know is having babies. It's that age. None of my friends come out anymore. Dude, they don't even leave their house. I'll say, ‘Let's go party or come to my house, we'll play videogames.’ ‘No, why don't you come over here. We'll watch a movie.’ They don't go out anymore.”

Bublé does, however, want to have a family, despite seeing what it has done to the social lives of his friends.  He goes on to elaborate: “Oh, I love kids. I'm at the maturity level of 13 [but] I just like kids. I had a good childhood. My parents loved us a lot and they were really good with us, they made growing up a whole lot of fun. And being a kid was very safe, you grew up slowly. I guess I want to recreate that. I love kids, I'd love to have kids. There's that half of me that thinks I'm never going to be ready for it and that maybe I'm too selfish for it, and there's that half that can't wait to go to Disneyland and watch them see Mickey for the first time. Christmas will be even better -- and Christmas is already pretty awesome.”

Written on Nov 19 2011 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: michael buble


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