Michael Bublé Discusses Health Scare, Heart Problems

The singer noticed that he had an irregular heartbeat and had to make some lifestyle changes. Michael Bublé Discusses Health Scare, Heart Problems

Even if you have access to the best healthcare money can buy, it can be terrifying to feel like something could be seriously wrong with your health. 

Michael Bublé knows all about that now.  The singer recently opened up about being diagnosed with a heart condition that is triggered by excessive alcohol consumption.

The disorder is called holiday heart syndrome and it might sound like a joke but the Canadian star was not laughing.  He explained that he noticed that, after a few drinks, he could feel his heart racing.  He hated the feeling and consulted a professional about it.

His doctors gave him a great prognosis and have assured him that he can live a normal life.  Still, he was worried but admits to “being a hypochondriac” and to being “really sensitive to it.” 

In terms of treatment, he said that his medical team “zapped” his heart back into rhythm and has really cut back on drinking.  He said: “I also don't party as much as I did. I don't drink very often. Alcohol is the worst stimulant for it."

It’s good that he’s taken it seriously.  We all want him around, making great music for a very long time!

Written on Dec 04 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: michael buble heart condition heavy drinking


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