Metallica Are Aiming for Quality Over Quantity With Long-Awaited Album

James Hetfield explained Metallica are aiming for a smaller pool of quality songs for their next album. Metallica Are Aiming for Quality Over Quantity With Long-Awaited Album

With the exception of Lulu, Metallica haven’t put out a new full-length release since 2008’s Death Magnetic. Although a new, full-length album has been discussed since 2011, there hasn’t been much to show for it.

James Hetfield spoke about their progress in a recent interview with a San Francisco CBS radio station. Overall, the frontman revealed Metallica is striving for quality over quantity with their new material. When asked about their approach, he explained: “‘Load/Reload’ was more like overload. There were a lot of songs and what are we going to do with all these. We can make a lot of songs pretty good. But I think we learned a little bit of a lesson from that. Why not focus on eight to ten really good ones.”

As well, they’re still going through material recorded, including both instrumental parts and lyrics: “We’ve got to sift through like 800 riffs and figure out what the best stuff is. Lyrically there is a lot to work off of — the last six or seven years since the last record. But we are constantly inspired by stuff — not just books or movies or things like that, but life happenings, being parents, and things that happen in life.”

Last year, Hetfield provided an update to an Abu Dhabi entertainment program, explaining Metallica hadn’t written any new songs. It appears, at least, they have moved past that point, although a proper release date or first single still appears somewhat far off.

Written on May 22 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: metallica


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