Maxwell Talks Upcoming Album

Speaking with ‘The Day,’ Maxwell tells listeners what to expect on his upcoming album ‘blackSUMMERS’night.’ Maxwell Talks Upcoming Album

Just last month, vocal hemorrhaging and swelling caused singer Maxwell to call off his six-date U.S. tour. Maxwell, however, is still at work on his upcoming album, expected for a release later this year. Titled blackSUMMERS’night, the singer’s upcoming album is expected to be more upbeat and with a more dance feel, according to an interview with The Day, but don’t expect a house record.

Dance, for many R&B and pop artists, has been a transformative force over the past few years. Maxwell, in the interview, mentioned that his tracks will make listeners want to get onto the dance floor, but that’s not the same as creating an EDM-influenced record. Instead, gospel is the predominate influence. Regardless of how you define dance, blackSUMMERS’night will give listeners something different. Maxwell said: “I got to tell you man, like, definitely it moves, it's not like I abandoned everything and I'm going to color my hair purple and do the punk thing. No. But it definitely kind of moves somewhere else past the ‘BLACKsummers'night’ super-soul perspective music; the way that that record was, we have a soul thing and we have a gospel thing on the new album, but we're definitely much more futuristic without the Auto-Tune.”

On the other hand, Maxwell does not deride other artists who have producers injecting the dance sound or Auto-Tune. And, on the same wavelength, he admits songs that eventually became hits were once offered to him. However, he told The Day: “But I'm not so concerned because I'm not really trying to carve out this whole hit-monster energy. I want to be the thing you go to after you had all of that and had enough of all of that.”

Written on Jul 16 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: maxwell


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