Mariah Carey Reveals Who Has Worked on Her New Album

In a interview, Mariah Carey went into detail about who has worked on her upcoming album. Mariah Carey Reveals Who Has Worked on Her New Album

What a difference a week makes. Less than seven days ago, Mariah Carey’s upcoming studio album was still being called The Art of Letting Go, but because of singles performance, had been pushed back from its May 6 release date by Island/Def Jam – after a year’s worth of delays.

Carey, however, started coming toward the press at the beginning of this week, first talking about doing a Beyonce-like move to Billboard and then revealing the title had been changed to Me. I am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse. Later, she spoke with, confirming in the process that the release comes out on May 27.

In addition, she went into detail about the recording process. Tracks were recorded in multiple locations across the globe, and she had been writing songs and collaborating with Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, and Q-Tip.

Then, the singer went onto explain in more detail why she has a three-year gap between albums. Mainly, between her last release and this one, she went through a journey that included pregnancy, emotional changes, and more focus on her life in general, when most of her life so far has been focused on her career. She said: “My career has been my entire life. I never thought that I would be a mommy to babies.”

Carey will likely drop more details over the next month, so we’ll look out for any more updates.

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