Mariah Carey Album ‘The Art of Letting Go’ May Be Delayed Again

Based on a release schedule from Island Records, Mariah Carey’s next album may not be coming out on May 6. Mariah Carey Album ‘The Art of Letting Go’ May Be Delayed Again

Will Mariah Carey’s long in the works release The Art of Letting Go actually come out? Although it had been pushed back from last summer, which in itself was a delay from March 2013, the May 6 release appears to have been dropped. found that, in looking at the schedules for Island records and Hits Double Daily, Carey’s album isn’t there. There doesn’t appear to be an explanation, although poor single performance appears to be a factor.

Going back to 2012’s “Triumphant,” the cuts off this release simply haven’t been doing well, save for Miguel collaboration “#Beautiful.” Its follow-up single “The Art of Letting Go,” released through Facebook, didn’t even crack the Hot 100, while latest track “You’re Mine (Eternal)” peaked at No. 88.

Carey explained why she has been delaying The Art of Letting Go in a Bravo interview at the end of the 2013. At the time, she said she wanted fans to know what she’s been going through – she experienced an injury last year, if you can recall – and wanted them to feel as if this would be her last album. She explained: “I really need people to understand what I’ve been through since [the injury], and if this were to be my last album, people would hear everything that they needed to hear, so I just needed to make that arc really clear.”

Should Mariah have dropped The Art of Letting Go back when “#Beautiful” was hot last year? 

Written on Apr 22 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: mariah carey the art of letting go


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