Marc Anthony Raises Money for Orphans in the Dominican Republic

The Latin singer has found a way to give back to those who need it most - orphans. Marc Anthony Raises Money for Orphans in the Dominican Republic

When the unthinkable happens, people can be left feeling like they are all alone and may wonder if their lives can ever improve.  For this very reason, it is so important for all of us to dig deep and help those in need whenever we can.  We are all just one disastrous event away from being the ones who need assistance and remembering that can make it easier to show compassion for others.

Some celebrities use their power, influence and money in frivolous ways and focus only on themselves.  It’s their right – they earned their wealth and can spend it however they see fit.  It’s impressive, therefore, when people choose to do something good for others.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, Marc Anthony and his then-wife, Jennifer Lopez, made a large donation to Children’s Health Fund’s Operation Assist and encouraged others to do the same.

In 2011, Anthony and his friend, Henry Cardenas, created a non-for-profit foundation called Maestro Cares and, together, they are doing something amazing.  The Children of Christ orphanage is located in the Dominican Republic in the eastern city of La Romana and is, predictably, in need of just about everything.

So far, Anthony and Cardenas, through their foundation, have raised $200,000 for the orphanage.  The money will go to a new residence hall, classrooms and a baseball field.  Can you imagine how life-changing this is going to be for those kids?

Anthony and his model girlfriend, Shannon de Lima, attended the groundbreaking ceremony over the weekend.

The Children of Christ orphanage was founded in 1996.  The expansion will be built on land that was donated by a sugar company.

Written on Nov 26 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: marc anthony dominican republic charity orphanage


Douglas Riggle 10p 2 years ago

Great Work!!

Doug Riggle, President
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