Mandy Moore Working With Husband Ryan Adams On New Album

Actress Mandy Moore is working with her famous husband Ryan Adams on a new album. Mandy Moore Working With Husband Ryan Adams On New Album

Actress Mandy Moore has made the big announcement that she plans to collaborate with her famous husband Ryan Adam on her new album.  Moore says that she's not exactly sure to what extent her hubby will be helping her, but they have been penning songs together for her forthcoming studio effort.  The new collection of songs will be the follow-up to her last album ‘Amanda Leigh’ that was released back in 2009, as confirmed by Ace Showbiz.

"I'm probably going to work with my husband on this album. I'm not sure necessarily in what capacity, but we've been writing a little bit together. He has a studio, so I definitely want to make my record there."

Moore also shared her reasons as to why she would like to work with Adams.  He "certainly inspires me.”  The actress also added, "there's tremendous influence right now around the house - from the music I've been introduced to, and being very happy and in a healthy, happy relationship. I think that still garners a lot of material to write about."

The singer is looking to release her second album sometime in 2013.  Moore and Adams have been married for three years with the 'Tangled' star mostly seen on the big screen in recent years.  She has decided more recently to focus on her music career after appearing in a slew of roles and movies.

"I like to have my plate as full as possible," she said about taking on both music and acting. "I also try to be picky and choosy and find things that are going to help you grow and evolve and challenge you," Moore revealed.

Written on Jul 17 2012 by Sarah Luoma (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: mandy moore Ryan Adams new album


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