Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Collaborating on New Album

The husband and wife will likely work together on Moore's first album since 2009. Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Collaborating on New Album

After Mandy Moore burst onto the scene with “Candy” so many years ago, it seemed like she was everywhere.  She won over so many hearts with her performance, both as an actress and a singer, in the tearjerker “A Walk to Remember” but then she gradually just faded into obscurity.

Three years ago, she married singer-songwriter, Ryan Adams, and, for the first time since her 2009 album, Amber Leigh, the pair are collaborating on new music.

She explains: "I'm probably going to work with my husband on this album.  I'm not sure necessarily in what capacity, but we've been writing a little bit together. He has a studio, so I definitely want to make my record there.  There's tremendous influence right now around the house -- from the music I've been introduced to and being very happy and in a healthy, happy relationship.  I think that still garners a lot of material to write about."

 In terms of the tone of the album, she explains that “a lot” has happened to inspire her new music which she describes as “intense” and “emotional.” 

She also sheds some light into her decision to be a little less visible than some other artists saying:  "I like to have my plate as full as possible. I also try to be picky and choosy and find things that are going to help you grow and evolve and challenge you."

Written on Jul 16 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: mandy moore ryan adams


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