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"Man Down" Video Review

After the promo for "Man Down" received harsh criticism from The Parents Television Council, due to violent images of "cold, calculated execution of murder", Rihanna warned her fans on Twitter that the video would contain a "very strong underlying message 4 girls like me."

She also thanked her fans for understanding what she ment, "Young girls/women all over the world...we are a lot of things! We're strong innocent fun flirtatious vulnerable, and sometimes our innocence can cause us to be naïve! We always think it could NEVER be us, but in reality, it can happen to ANY of us! So ladies be careful and #listentoyomama! I love you and I care!".

The music video for the Caribbean flavored song was directed by Anthony Mandler, who shared his comments in a MTV interview, "We shot the video last month in Jamaica and it's my favorite song she's ever recorded, so I was really excited to get involved. And it's just one of those songs that demands a strong narrative and visual, and let's just say she let me go all the way. So I think you can expect something that's dramatic and shocking and intense and emotional and uplifting and enlightening."



Annie Smith-Hankin 30p 1 year ago

Great Song , Awesome Beat and Catchy Lyrics
Excellent work Rhi-Rhi


Mahlie Rose 2147p 3 years ago

love this song. amazing hair and style.


risa jami 196p 3 years ago

great song love the hair (:


natnael debebe 20p 3 years ago

I like this song. really it is great


courtney harding 35p 3 years ago

i love this song love the beat and it a good empowerment song for young girls


Mahlie Rose 2147p 3 years ago

so true


barbara stewart 13p 3 years ago

I truly understand why she did what she did . In my own experience with that in my past I TRULY understand. So dis song is it... its the message that all girls should hear. Thats the truth.


Mahlie Rose 2147p 3 years ago

why would you post that. ? if that happend wouldnt you be shush about it?


aateayanna johnson 168p 3 years ago

I love dis song it iz my jam and i now know why she shot the man down


Strawberry Rhapsody 5277p 3 years ago

good for her for standing up and showing that women don't need to be weak just because they're sweet, GIRL POWER!


Xina Baiza 60p 3 years ago

she better shoot that man down SH**!!!!


Samuneisha Davidson 105p 3 years ago

i love this song its great


egypt staley 60p 3 years ago

I love this song. this is the beat



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Rihanna - Man Down