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Rickie Lee Jones Magazine lyrics is the 8th song on the album "The Duchess Of Coolsville" by Rickie Lee Jones. The "Magazine" lyrics by Rickie Lee Jones are displayed below.
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Magazine by Rickie Lee Jones


Calling from the corners

Station to station

For the magazine

But her pages are turning

Out the lights in the windows

And all that you're reading

Is the braille night


I can't come out

And play Paddy with

The Precinct boys no more

But you and me baby

We'll be lovers again

But she's walking to the A

Walking to the B

Walking to the C now,

Where are you going?

I'm just going with him...


He could be anywhere

I don't know where he is

I know he's coming

I know he's coming to me

It could be anyday

I will know right away

I'll know he's Coming

I'll know he's Coming to me

I'll know he's Coming

I'll know he's Coming to me now...

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I don't think you know

What you're doing

I don't think you know

That she'll make him cry

Make my baby cry

'cause you'll break my heart,

Carol, Carol, Carol


There's a flagboy

Calling danger

Watch you're back now

Hey you. Flagboy,

Let'em come, let'em come

'cause I can see them there

I can see them coming

I can see it all now

Hey you, Flagboy

Let'em come


They don't know where I am

I could be anywhere

I know they're coming

I know they're coming to me

It could be anyday

I will know right away

I know they're coming...

I know they're coming to me

I know they're coming,


Everything's Coming

Everything's Coming to me

Everything's Coming


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