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Made Alot by Big K.r.i.t.

They say they knew me from high-school

Maybe community college claim you wanna do some thangs

But I can do without it

My mama name "Such and such" and we gonna be like baby powder

Baby I doubt it

It its hard to swallow

You wanna lay up I want a dollar

For the machine Im kinda thirsty

A little parched she wanna ride no you cannot

She say Im mean I say just a hoes

And dumb niggas kinda like you

Them Bs and doe's

Reject request on Facebook

Daily duckin lames

All you know is my patna; 'em then my name

Plus you heard that I

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Big Sant


You probably see me in the street but nigga you dont know me

Big *sut* bitch motherfucking OG

From the Sip get a grip wanna visit take a trip

Aint a nigga dead or alive that can say that I done flipped

Im from the land of the cheese home of the slave

Dont confuse me with no lame

Cause thats what just I aint

Alumni forever put that on the nigga next to me

Started out writing rhymes ended up writing a legacy




They hollerin there he go again

What's his name where his folk?

Call him Kurt call him KRIT?

Fuck that nigga I aint sure

He got beats heard him flow

Like a couple years ago

He alright kinda tight

Shawty like him on the low

There he go too much soul

I wouldnt buy it out the store

Plus I saw him in the club

One who hollered at my ho

Just because he got some dough

From a deal he think he ill

I bet thats how that motherfucka feel

And on the real I think he changed


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Made Alot Song Lyrics Meanings

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