Loverboy Releases The New Single 'Heartbreaker'

Canadian Rock Band, Loverboy, Releases The New Track 'Heartbreaker', But Has No Plans For A New Album Loverboy Releases The New Single 'Heartbreaker'

Canadian rock band, Loverboy, may be on the verge of a comeback, according to lead singer, Mike Reno. The rockers launched the band's career with the legendary arena anthem Turn Me Loose back in 1980, and even today the song is still played regularly on many classic rock radio stations in the US and Canada. Another of their 1980's hits Working for the Weekend is one very popular song used time and again in movies, mini-series, computer games, and episodes of TV shows.

However by the end of the eighties, popularity of Loverboy declined in favour of hair metal and grunge music, to bands like Nirvana. Taking time off to consider their options, the rockers realized how much they missed being on the road and have never stopped touring, albeit now performing for small venues and casinos.  

Recently, their former record producer, Bob Rock, unexpectedly contacted the band after nearly 20 years, expressing interest in making some new songs. One of the tracks that has come out of this "expression of interest" is the song "Heartbreaker" which is currently streaming from the Loverboy website. But Mike Reno was very quick to add that there is no album coming. He said, "I don't know if it's worth it. I don't want to spend $400,000 in the studio recording 12 songs, when people only want one or two. I don't expect to be on the radio anymore."

The band has also noticed a recent upsurge in interest in their music. Their songs are increasingly used in TV and movies lately, and when the band plays on-stage, the size of the crowds is often much bigger than expected. Where they think that maybe 3,000 fans will be present, the band is finding that there might be up to eight or nine thousand attending.

Mike Reno has also dramatically trimmed down, losing 50 pounds in weight. This improvement has greatly enhanced his general wellbeing, making him feel better on stage, helping him move and dance better, and remarkably enriched his singing.

Loverboy - "Working for the Weekend"

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