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"Love The Way You Lie" Video Review

It's the video you've all been waiting for: Eminem featuring Rihanna in 'Love the Way You Lie,' the single that's been tearing up the top of the singles chart for weeks. The video, featuring none other than Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan, plays along with the song's subject of an abusive relationship, as Rihanna and Eminem deliver the lyrics with equal force.

Featuring Rihanna standing in her underpants in front of a flaming house where Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox are intermittently beating the crap out of each other and playing intense, Stanley Cup levels of tonsil hockey. Meanwhile, Em is standing in a field of pure and innocent tall grass, rapping about how he is sorry. All the rage and beatings are lit in a very dramatic and sexy way, because the people doing the raging and beating are very lithe and muscular and gorgeous. As far as one can tell, it is still not Penny’s boat.

Artists featured in Love The Way You Lie music video

Rihanna Rihanna



mykalin touchette 156p 3 years ago

im wow bout this and i love this song alot i listen 2 it more often on mp3!!!!!!


Samir Shrestha 45p 3 years ago

a girl and boy was driving home from there date the boy senced someting wrong so the girl said pull over so he did she said i think we sould break up the boy had tears coming down his check he handed the girl a letter right the a drunk driver hit his side of the car he died but the girl lived she read the letter it said with out your love i would died send this to 4 videos if you dont someone you love will died ps i did not send this to 4 videos my pet fish died the next day


james tashji 159p 4 years ago

nice megan fox! great video!


Dawanna Glover 25p 4 years ago

loveee IT!! and wow i just notice megan fox is in this vid! shes soo hot i wish i looked like her!


pink mak 95p 4 years ago

love it!!!!


Christina Fry Pyne 65p 4 years ago

i love this song


Jaba Chavis 270p 4 years ago

oh my God i love this song


Sandra Ignalski 10p 4 years ago

Thast absoloutley Amaaazing i love the video starring in it Megan Foxx onwe of my Idols. Also better feature couldnt em Make like this

but @andres what u taling about sold his soul to whom?!


cristina giral 10p 4 years ago

this is a awesome song!!



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Eminem - Love The Way You Lie