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"Love Story" Video Review

Teen country music sensation Taylor Swift has a new music video out for "Love Story".

Containing romantic lyrics which are combined with mid tempo country and pop sounds, the tune is scheduled to appear in her highly-anticipated album "Fearless", which is due for release on November 11 via Big Machines Records.

Swift says the video is "different than all the ones we've made in the past." She plays a student who sees a handsome co-ed and imagines them as a Romeo-and-Juliet couple. The story shifts between present day and medieval times. It can only be imagined that she didn’t read the play, given that a fairy tale ending is tacked on at the end.



Bruce Lee 10p 3 years ago

love love
love love
taylor swift


Tenielle Thurston 98p 3 years ago

ilove you your so pretty and beatiful


Pranjali Thakur 10p 3 years ago

my favrt song...


Chevonne young 90p 3 years ago

that boy was cute


Br! gtz. 50p 3 years ago

NICE!! bt its cute


Georgeann Byrd 10p 4 years ago

This song was made for two people


Pasindu Ransika 10p 4 years ago

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around


Myles Garcia 10p 4 years ago

I like the song



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Taylor Swift - Love Story