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Louise by Leo Kottke

They said that Louise was not half bad

It was written on the walls and window shades

Though she'd act a little girl

A deceiver, don't believe her that's her trade


Sometimes a bottle of perfume

Flowers and maybe some lace

Men brought Louise ten cent trinkets

Their intentions were easily traced

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And everybody knew at times she cried

Ah but women like Louise they get by


And everybody thought it kinda sad

When they found Louise in her room

They'd always put her down below their kind

Still some cried when she died this afternoon


Louise rode home on the mail train

Somewhere to the south I heard her say

Too bad it ended so ugly

Too bad she had to go this way


The wind is blowing cold tonight

So goodnight Louise goodnight

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Louise Song Lyrics Meanings

Gregg Oliver 10p 4 years ago

the part marked "incomprehinsible" should read
'A deceiver, don't believe her, that's her trade'


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