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The Little Willies Lou Reed lyrics is the 13th song on the album "The Little Willies" by The Little Willies. The "Lou Reed" lyrics by The Little Willies are displayed below.
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Lou Reed by The Little Willies

we were drivin' through west texas

The land of beef and pork

Where they tend the hides of leather

We wear back in new york


In a pasture along a roadside

Behind a broke down shack

On a dusky side of evening

We saw a figure dressed in black


And we don't mean to sound like we're trippin

But we swear to god

We saw lou reed

Cow tippin' cow tippin'


Hey lou "is that you?"

She said as we pulled to the shoulder

He just said "go screw"

And then he turned and tipped one over

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Under a spitshine western sky

The color of blue varnish

Hey it's like fellini

Actually i'm thinkin' more like jim jarmusch


And we can't say how much we've been sippin'

But we swear to god


We saw lou reed

Cow tippin' cow tippin'


I got cops on the cell

I said "i got a little story to tell

Lou reed is in the cow pen"

They said "oh no not again"


And we hope our perceptions isn't slippin'

But we swear to god

We saw lou reed

Cow tippin' cow tippin'


Cow tippin' cow tippin'

Cow tippin'

You really think that was lou reed?

Cow tippin'


I'm sure it was he was wearing black levis

Cow tippin'

I thought he was a vegetarian

Cow tippin'


He's just tippin' them over he wasn't eating them

Cow tippin' oh cow tippin


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