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Lost In Minorville by Derek Minor

There's a place where life is everything you dreamed it would be.

There are no problems or conflict.

And you're always right...

Even when you're wrong.

Racism and classism don't exist.

And birds never poop on your car...

Even after you've washed it.

Yes i know this place

It's called...



I woke up in a new bugatti

(turn up!)

Or honda accord...

I can't tell the difference.

And everybody loved all my opinions

I did everything right

'cause that's what it means to be christian.

Drove 60 in a 45

The cops ain't even trip.

Guess obama just cleared my illuminati membership.

Got mistaken for a doctor

Instead of a ball player.

And the pistons drafted carmelo...

We winnin' it all playa!

No political parties

The government's fair right.

It's illegal for father's not to be in they kids life.

Marriage is a habit

Women are not objectified.

And rappers tell the truth in they songs instead of lies.

This is a place where there's no black or white churches

Color could never divide us...

We love each other perfect.

I hope you find what you lookin' for in our city now

Hey this is minorville

Come and take a look around!

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Uh huh oh yeah yeah

Come on

Come take a walk with me.


I'll show you the other side...


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