Long in the Works Goodie Mob Album Gets Release Date

Nearly four years in the works, the new Goodie Mob album, ‘Age Against The Machine,’ finally has a release date. Long in the Works Goodie Mob Album Gets Release Date

We’ve been hearing, for at least a year, about the latest Goodie Mob album – the first for the group in nine years and the first with Cee Lo Green since 1999’s World Party. Now that Green is no longer a Voice judge, it appears that he may be spending time promoting this release, and his manager confirmed it right at the end of last week in an interview with Fuse.

In speaking with Fuse, Larry Mestel explained the album is due June 18, after it has been in the works since 2009. Mestel said: "When he's not on stage [for Las Vegas show Cee Lo Is Loberace], he's in the studio down the block making music for the new Goodie Mob record and the new Cee Lo Green album coming in October."

While Goodie Mob began releasing new music in 2012, questions about their sound have circulated: Will it be classic, will it be something new, or will it sound like Cee Lo Green’s solo album? Mestel offered some insight, saying: "It's future-sounding. It's not really what you would think Goodie Mob would be. I think people will be surprised in a positive way when they hear it."

What would you like the new Goodie Mob album to sound like?

Back in January, Green revealed that the album, called Age Against the Machine, was nearly done. Mestel, additionally, told Fuse that the Atlanta-based act will support the release with a tour.

Written on Apr 07 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: goodie mob cee lo green age against the machine


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