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Lola Montez by Volbeat

Feel the fire where she walks

Lola Montez so beautiful

Shady and a tempered dame

Blinding your eyes with her spider dance


Her perfomance utterly erotic subversive to all ideas

And for public morality

And cool as she was she didn't care

See the miner throw his gold

Lifting her skirt howling loud like a wolf

Hell raising and full of sin

When lola was dancing and showing her skin

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Whereever she walks

She will be captivating all the men

Don't look in her eyes

You might fall and find the love of your life heavenly

But she'll catch you in her web

The love of your life


Well notorious I have been

But never for fame that's what she said

Dear Henry taste my whip

Never to see any words you print


Oh Lola I'm sure that the love would have been

The key to all your pain

No words will later come

Did she spider bite your tongue

We will surely not forget the lola spider dance

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