LMFAO Talk Upcoming Tour, Movie

Planning for the next steps of their career, LMFAO recently discussed their tour and potential movie. LMFAO Talk Upcoming Tour, Movie

Planning to see LMFAO in concert? Or would you rather see them on the big screen? In a conference for their upcoming Sorry for Party Rocking Tour of North America, the electro-hop duo revealed they have new plans for their career – which may include a movie.

In talking about their potential upcoming projects, Sky Blu said: "Oh yeah, we've got some stuff up our sleeves now. We can't give it all away, but (a movie) is something we've definitely been thinking about and putting out in the universe for a minute."

However, getting the “Party Rock Anthem” stars off the stage and onto the screen might not be in the cards. According to RedFoo, LMFAO’s ideas aren’t conventional enough to warrant a proper picture. RedFoo said: "[A movie] might be too much for the world. You might have to do some sit-ups and stuff (because) you might be laughing... You might have to stretch your stomach muscles." 

"You know how the etiquette is in movie theaters, 'Be quiet!' We might say, 'Everybody, right now tweet something!'... during the movie. That might break the lines of the movie... break the seventh wall. Or, 'Take a picture of what's on the screen right now and tweet it out!' What if we did that in the movie? So we've got to really think about it before we do that stuff -- but that's what we're doing. We're thinking about that stuff. We've always got our pads and jotting down ideas."

While a movie, particularly when their career is starting to truly take off, is a stretch, the two have ideas for their third album and are gearing up for their tour, which starts on May 22 in Columbus, Ohio. LMFAO have opened for other acts before, but this tour is their first arena-headlining endeavor.

Additionally, Sky Blu is returning after an injury to the ensemble of RedFoo and the Party Rock Crew. The pair, as well, hope the tour will squash rumors of a breakup, which started circulating when the group was hit with a lawsuit from their former management company.

Written on Apr 26 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lmfao sorry for party rocking tour


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