LMFAO'S Redfoo Narrowly Escapes Flames in Honduras

During a DJ set in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, LMFAO'S Redfoo and others were ordered to evacuate after an electrical system caught fire. LMFAO'S Redfoo Narrowly Escapes Flames in Honduras

LMFAO’s Redfoo got a little too hot during a concert at Coliseo Nacional de Ingenieros in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

According to TMZ, Redfoo was in the middle of a DJ set when the building’s electrical system caught on fire. He narrowly escaped to tell the tale.

"All of a sudden, right in the middle of 'Beatockin,' my manager Ian Fletcher shouted, 'There's a fire under the stage. We have to go!'" Redfoo said to MTV News. He added, "I didn't want to go."

"I didn't realize how serious it was," he said. "The security escorted us out the venue. We were forced to leave a few items behind, nothing irreplaceable. I hope everybody is safe. Honduras fans are true party rockers! This will go down in history as one if [sic] craziest Redfoo DJ sets ever."

Although Redfoo was not harmed, 15 other concertgoers were treated for smoke inhalation with oxygen. On Wednesday, Redfoo tweeted about the concert in his own cheeky way, "Epic concert tonight!!! Everybody in Honduras, we set the place on fire!!!! #sorryforpartyrocking ...yeah baby,” before sobering up to add, "On a serious note, hope everybody is safe from the fire tonight! Love you Honduras!"

Honduran police authorities have suggested that the electrical blaze was intentional; no charges or arrests have been made as of yet.

Written on Dec 30 2011 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lmfao


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