"Liz & Dick" Director Discusses Stress of Working With Lindsay Lohan

Despite all of the turmoil and drama, Thompson would be willing to work with her again. "Liz & Dick" Director Discusses Stress of Working With Lindsay Lohan

Recreating the lives of an iconic figure can be thoroughly daunting and arduous task but it can be made even more complicated by having a problematic cast which is something the director of Liz & Dick is all too familiar with.

Although, Larry A. Thompson says that he could not have found a better actress to play Elizabeth Taylor at this time, having Lindsay Lohan on set and attached to the project certainly presented its challenges.  During production, she was involved in a car accident and had the paramedics come to her hotel room (because she was exhausted, apparently), among other dramatic things.

While he was hesitant to say that Lohan or her co-star, Grant Bowler, should be nominated for Emmy Awards, he did say that he would be very proud if any part of the production was recognized.

When asked about how Lohan behaved on set, Thompson said that she was “wonderful every day” but conceded that “making a movie with Lindsay Lohan is not for the faint of heart.”  Still, the casting was good since there were parallels between the actress’ life and that of Elizabeth Taylor.  Their shared scandalous careers and personal lives added credibility to the role.

Despite feeling like he merely “survived” the bad press surrounding Lohan’s off-screen antics, he does say that, if he chose to make a film about Taylor’s later years, he would work with her again.

The film premieres on the Lifetime channel Sunday night at 9pm.

Written on Nov 24 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lindsay lohan liz & dick movie larry a thompson


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