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Jamie Foxx Living Better Now lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "Best Night Of My Life" by Jamie Foxx. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Foxx's New Video 'Fall for Your Type' Features Drake".
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Living Better Now by Jamie Foxx


Drop top benz I'm the man girlfriend


[Jamie Foxx:]

Because girl you're worth it

I know you deserve it

Because girl you're worth it


You rollin with the man

Turn the lights off


You ain't gotta trip about no money

Cause whatever you want I'mma get it

I ain't worry about the cost yeah

I ain't fucking I ain't phoney I ain't frontin

I am stuntin everything I say is real

You dealin with the boss yeah

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[Rick Ross:]

Look in my pockets I see a lot of dead people

Wrist game mean mother pearl so evil

Christian Louboutin sucker for a sneaker

Pull up in Pakistan like I'm Evel Knievel

Elroy Jetson I stay spaced out

Never lay my Jesus piece face down

It's not a Rollie I'm sorry its for Karan

She not a singer but dammit I made her humm

Name Ricky but really I've been a willie

See you looking at it but this watch a quarter milly

I got houses hobby homes in Abu Dhabi

Never go wrong GPS my Ferrari




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