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"Little Talks" Video Review

Iceland-based alternative rock band Of Monsters And Men release a very interesting animated video for “Little Talks”.

The song is from their self-titled debut album.



Robert Eastwood 10p 2 years ago

The Joker is also in American Pie, casting from the side lines, in the song American Pie. Although in truth, the Joker is the wild card, that can be anything or anyone. Also the Colorful Angel, Merlin is in that clip.

The Band refused to yield, with the jester on the sideline in a cast.

The Joker, full of joy and happiness, The Riddler full of teaching by riddles where riddles teach people to think. (Don't listen to what I say, think for yourself) And of coarse The Penguin, the butler, the servants.

Note the crown of thorns is wisdom.

Bob Eastwood
Robert Eastwood
[email protected]



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