Little Mix Introduces Next Single, “Salute”

After a successful album and two high-charting songs, Little Mix announced new single “Salute.” Little Mix Introduces Next Single, “Salute”

U.K. girl group Little Mix scored another hit with last year’s album Salute. As the album ended up in the top 10 chart spots on both sides of the Atlantic, it only makes sense that they’d continue putting out more singles. So, after releasing “Move” and “Little Me,” along with “Word Up!” for Sport Relief Charity, they now announced “Salute” as the next song.

The announcement came in the form of a video teaser, featuring the girl group practicing a routine with their backup dancers.

The announcement comes at the same time Little Mix have already started talking plans about their third studio album. While they’re currently on the road with The Salute Tour, recording for a third release is expected to start soon.

But while mostly European producers assisted with their first two efforts, including TMS, Future Hit, Fred Ball, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on Salute, the girls want to add more American artists this time around. So far, they’ve thrown around names like Macklemore and Jason Derulo.

As well, Little Mix ended up being more involved on their debut album, including having a hand in songwriting.

Listen to their new single below:

Written on Apr 08 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: little mix salute


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