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Ray Stevens Little Egypt lyrics is the 2nd song on the album "Gitarzan" by Ray Stevens. The "Little Egypt" lyrics by Ray Stevens are displayed below.
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Little Egypt by Ray Stevens

Step right up folks

And see Little Egypt do her

Famous dance of the Pyramids


She walks she talks

She crawls on her belly

Like a reptile


Just one thin dime

One tenth of a dollar

Step right up folks


I went and bought myself a ticket

And I sat down in the very first row

They pulled the curtain up and when

They turned the spotlight way down low


Little Egypt came out strutting

Wearing nothing but a

Button and a bow

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Singing yeah yeah yeah yeah

Gitchee gitchee gitchee

Yeah yeah yeah yeah


She had a ruby on her tummy and

A diamond big as Texas on her toe

She let her hair down and she did

The hoochie koochie real slow


When she did her special


Number on a zebra skin

I thought she'd stop the show


Singing yeah yeah yeah yeah

Gitchee gitchee gitchee

Yeah yeah yeah yeah


She did a triple somersault

And when she hit the ground

She winked at the audience

And then she turned around


She had a picture of a

Cowboy tattooed on her spine

Saying Phoenix Arizona

Nineteen forty-nine


Yeah but let me tell you people

Little Egypt doesn't dance there anymore

She's too busy mopping and a taking

Care of shopping at the store


Cause we've got seven kids

And all day long they crawl

Around the floor


Singing yeah yeah yeah yeah

Gitchee gitchee gitchee

Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

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