Lil B Releases 'Gotta Make The NBA' Music Video

The new song will be a part of the BasedGod's upcoming mixtape titled "Hoop Life." Lil B Releases 'Gotta Make The NBA' Music Video

Rapper Lil B has released the official music video for his song, "Gotta Make the NBA," and as its title suggest, the song has been shot on a basketball court.

The four-minute-seventeen-second-long clip revolves around B's desire to become a pro basketball player. The track begins with the message displaying:

"Lil B must win 50 games to get a chance to play for an official NBA team."

The BasedGod is then seen taking a layup on the court, but he is challenged hard and that results in him picking an injury. The 24-year-old MC is then shown recovering from the knock he had earlier taken, but his dream of making the NBA never fades away.

"I will be up in practice dribbling two balls at one time like Trevor/ They run six, I go seven/ And I gotta pull my worth on the team/ Yeah, so my contract could be mean/ Stadium full of fans screaming for me/ Live on TV, the game’s on me," he spits in one of the verses.

The song will be a part of B's upcoming compilation "Hoop Life" – a basketball-centric mixtape.

In addition to "Gotta Make the NBA," the mixtape's other notorious will be "F**k KD." Bad blood between the Oklahoma Thunder superstar Kevin Durant and Lil B has existed ever since the forward publicly insulted the latter's music. 

Check out Lil B's "Gotta Make the NBA":

Written on Apr 09 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: lil b


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