Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher war of words

Liam accused Noel of stealing Oasis songs, after the band had split up in 2009 and Noel pursued a solo career. Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher war of words

Liam Gallagher has accused his brother, Noel, of stealing songs from Oasis. Noel left the band in August 2009, after a heated exchange took place backstage at the Rock en Seine Festival near Paris, France. The exchange, occurring just minutes before the band were due to perform, resulted in the cancellation of the entire show and rest of the tour.

Oasis has never performed since the "bust-up", but the remaining members of Oasis have stuck together and formed a new band called Beady Eye. Noel has pursued a solo career.

Liam is obstinate about not needing to hear any of Noel's solo work, because he believes that many of the songs were meant for the final album of Oasis, "Dig Out You Soul".

To Uncut magazine, Liam said: "I haven't spoken to him, I haven't seen him. It's all very hush-hush round his camp. I put up with 18 years of that f**ker so I'm (not) a**ed what he doing... I've heard his f**king new record 'cos I f**king sung on half of it. When I was in America for 'Dig Out Your Soul' he swiped some (tracks) off it because he obviously knew he wanted to do a solo album. So he can talk all the bulls**t about, 'Oh, I was intimidated,' and all that. F***ing nonsense. Behave. He knows. The people know. And I know. So no, it's not better and it won't get any f**king better."

And commenting on Noel's solo concerts, Liam said: "I'm sure it will all be very civilized and grown-up. His gigs will be like those that you can really stroke your chin at."

However, Beady Eye will present their first appearance as a live act in March this year, with six shows in Britain - at Scotland's Glasgow Barrowlands, the Apollo in Manchester, and at the London Troxy. Further shows will be performed in Europe in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Interest has been shown in a performance at the 100 Club in London, but is only tentative at this stage.

Written on Jan 07 2011 by Mike Petryczkowycz (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: beady eye noel gallagher


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