Lenny Kravitz to Portray Marvin Gaye in Upcoming Biopic

A new film about the life and tragic death of the legendary singer is in the works. Lenny Kravitz to Portray Marvin Gaye in Upcoming Biopic

Marvin Gaye was one of those artists who left an indelible mark on the music industry.  His daring vocals and racy lyrics endeared him to many (and helped many babies come into the world).  With hits like “Sexual Healing” and “Let’s Get it On” his status as a legendary sexy, soulful singer will live on for years to come.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that there is going to be a biopic about his life which was just as intriguing and passionate as his music.  Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse and his life came to a sudden and shocking end.

In the 1980s, while trying to gain control over his addictions and relaunch his career, things became volatile and on one fateful night, he was shot and killed by his own father.  Anyone who was alive during that time will remember how shocking it was to hear that news come on the radio.

It’s being reported that Lenny Kravitz, whose most recent film credit was in The Hunger Games, has been tapped to portray the late artist.  He’s a pretty good choice since he has had his own struggles in his life and can bring the necessary grit to the role.

A representative for the 48-year-old performer has confirmed the news. 

Written on Nov 28 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lenny kravitz marvin gaye biopic sexual healing


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