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Legendary Child by Aerosmith

I tell you what I'm talkin' about

Remember not too long ago

I was down and out of luck

I was out to do the dirty deed and didn't give a f...


And then she caught my eye

The girl was lookin' fresh

And what was underneath it all

Was passion in the flesh


If you think you see the devil's horns

Baby you're so right

'Cause I been lookin' for an outside fix

To make my insides right

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Your reputation tells it all

I see the writing on the wall

O yea as far as I can see

There is a God 'cause he sent me

A legendary child


I think that what I'm tryin' to say is

Just one look knocked me out

She smiled at me and said

Aa what I need I think it's love

Aa give it up is what she said

Aa give it up and gimme head


I'm a legendary lover

And tonight you won't regret

I'll give you legendary lovin' that you never will forget

And if you want to play with fire, baby now's the time

Yea 'cause you never taste honey that's as sweet as wine


We played the game of tongue n' cheek

And loved until our knees got weak

Had so much class that queen of sleeze

And rumor has it she's a

Legendary child


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