Lana Del Rey Announces First Official Single from ‘Ultraviolence’

After multiple leaked tracks, Lana Del Rey announced the first official single from upcoming album ‘Ultraviolence.’ Lana Del Rey Announces First Official Single from ‘Ultraviolence’

Since the Paradise Edition of her Born to Die album dropped, Lana Del Rey saw multiple leaks, from a jab at Lady Gaga’s success to the recent “Under The Pale Moonlight.” But now, the singer born Lizzie Grant finally announced an official single – and this one will be the first track from her upcoming sophomore album Ultraviolence.

Del Rey’s been making crucial information about Ultraviolence slip, such as its release date to fans that just happened to have a recording device on hand, and the announcement for “West Coast” is no different.

As Del Rey had been explaining on Twitter that “Under The Pale Moonlight” is a track from four years ago, she accidentally revealed the details about “West Coast.” Then, however, she went onto make it official-seeming by tweeting a black-and-white photo.

While it appeared that Del Rey wouldn’t release a sophomore album, she stated her plans at the premiere of short film Tropico. From there, it has been revealed that Ultraviolence will be darker than Born to Die and that Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys is producing.

As well, the release is expected to drop in May – although this hasn’t been confirmed.

To support this release, the singer has a North American tour and a Glastonbury appearance scheduled this year.

Written on Apr 04 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lana del rey ultraviolence


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