Lana Del Rey Announces “Cola” As Next Single

With the deluxe version of her debut already out, Lana Del Rey revealed that its second single will be “Cola.” Lana Del Rey Announces “Cola” As Next Single

Over the past week, the Paradise edition of Lana Del Rey’s debut, Born To Die, came out, and already, the second single is scheduled. In an interview with Just Jared, the “Video Games” singer revealed that cut “Cola” – a song characterized by risqué lyrics comparing part of the singer’s anatomy to Pepsi-Cola – is the next track out.

Del Rey said in her interview: "'Cola'. I have a couple of art projects going with people and I really hope that I can weave 'Bel Air' and 'Gods and Monsters' into a short film."

The Paradise Edition features eight new tracks tacked into Born to Die. The first single off the edition was “Ride,” with a video appearing last month. Like single “National Anthem” that dropped over the summer, “Ride” was given the 10-minute short film treatment. Shot in Las Vegas, “Ride” has a lengthy opening voice over that segues into a story about Del Rey as a failed singer with three lovers. In addition to “Ride,” Del Rey’s version of “Blue Velvet” appears on the Paradise Edition.

As far as “Cola” is concerned, the singer admitted that the lyrics, to her, didn’t seem like a big deal: "I didn't but everyone around me did. They just thought it was really weird - nothing new here."

For the radio version, do you think the lyrics will be reworked? And, considering the nature of the track, do you think this was a good choice? If you have yet to hear the song, listen to it below:

Written on Nov 14 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lana del rey born to die paradise cola


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