Lady Gaga Wears Controversial Costume, Has Wardrobe Malfunction

Two of Lady Gaga’s attire choices at a recent Vancouver performance have come under criticism. Lady Gaga Wears Controversial Costume, Has Wardrobe Malfunction

More than three years since she burst onto the pop music scene with less-typical fashion choices and an electronic-influenced sound, Lady Gaga opts for costume choices that are routinely (and now mundanely) bizarre. But at a recent performance in Vancouver, the singer’s attire choices shocked in two ways.

During her January 11 performance at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, the singer had a wardrobe malfunction. While the pop star sang “Heavy Metal Lover,” her vinyl Versace pants split up the backside – revealing a fishnet-covered rear end. Much like during her stage vomiting in 2012, Gaga continued to sing and dance through the sound, nonplussed by her torn clothing.

Another choice, however, has critics calling the singer “tasteless” and “insensitive.” During the same Vancouver concert, she stepped onstage wearing a rifle-shaped bra top. The costume, it has been pointed out, has been in rotation since 2010, but critics have pointed out she wore it nearly a month after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., and on the same day Vice President Biden went to speak with Congress and the NRA about gun control.

Starting the media conflagration was’s Tom McCay, who wrote: “It rubs salt in the wounds of pro and anti-gun advocates, and much trashier, the wounds of despondent and horrified community that just lost 20 children.”

Do you agree? Although her outrageousness is routine, these days, should Gaga have held off on the costume?

Written on Jan 16 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lady gaga rifle bra wardrobe malfunction


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