Lady Gaga Still Worries About High School Mean Girls

She might be rich, famous and adored around the world but bullies still worry her. Lady Gaga Still Worries About High School Mean Girls

Even if you’ve never seen Tina Fey’s fantastic movie, Mean Girls, we’ve all likely come in contact with someone (or a group of people) in high school or at work who make us feel insecure about who we are and how we look.  Despite being famous and iconic today, many celebrities reveal that they were less than popular in their younger years and continue to deal with the emotions caused by the torment and bullying.

Lady Gaga recently shared that she dealt with her own set of high school bullies before she became the international superstar that she is today. 

She explained that she is throwing an engagement party for her best friend this weekend and she is going to be seeing girls from high school who made her life miserable.  She admitted that she is worried about how she’s going to come across to these “mean girls” saying “I have to look fabulous, I have to look absolutely amazing, some of them were horrible to me!'"

Perhaps, her honesty will help people who are currently going through it see that they are not alone – that most people deal with bullying on some level.  I doubt, however, that she has anything to worry about.  She’s adored worldwide and no one even knows those people exist so I guess Gaga gets the last laugh.

Written on Nov 05 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lady gaga mean girls high school bully


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