Lady Gaga Has Recorded 50 Tracks for Upcoming Album ‘ARTPOP’

Through Twitter, Lady Gaga recently revealed she recorded 50 tracks for possible inclusion on album ‘ARTPOP.’ Lady Gaga Has Recorded 50 Tracks for Upcoming Album ‘ARTPOP’

The past year has featured a series of brief but usually promising updates regarding Lady Gaga’s upcoming album ARTPOP, from the announcement of the title through a tattoo to revealing its innovative app format. The latest news? The Mother Monster has recorded 50 tracks for the release.

Gaga revealed the news in a Twitter update, stating: “I have written like 50 songs. I don't know what will rise to top. But that's how I wrote the fame/the fame monster.”

But the lengthy amount of material is, in fact, typical for the singer. Adding to her earlier statement, she informed fans she took a similar approach for her last releases: "I'm not sure yet. Stands pretty firm on its own. Ill release collabs regardless if they're on album or not, that's what's nice about app. I can upload new material all the time."

Collaborations with other artists are part of the 50 potential ARTPOP songs. Gaga, however, still has not decided on a tracklist, but the material will be out, regardless of whether it’s on the album or not. One ARTPOP sessions track likely falling into this camp is “Cake,” of which a preview was released over the past month. “Cake,” with footage taken by photographer Terry Richardson, has Gaga, clad in just underwear, rolling around a bunch of cake and then taking a dip in a Jacuzzi. In October, the singer announced a new single – without telling fans the title – that should drop in early 2013.

ARTPOP is expected to hit stores in the first half of 2013. However, with the lengthy Born This Way Ball Tour the singer is doing, some speculate the release could potentially be pushed back to a later date.

Written on Dec 01 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: lady gaga artpop


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