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Trina Ladies 1St lyrics is the 13th song on the album "Diamond Princess" by Trina. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Trina is Back with New Album".
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Ladies 1St by Trina



Ay Yo! Miss Trina rock tha party.

Ay Yo! E-V-E rock tha party.

Ay Yo! Get on up shake yo body.

Ain't no quittin when the ladies get to spittin'.

Ay Yo! Miss Trina rock tha party.

Ay Yo! E-V-E rock tha party.

Ay Yo! Get on up shake yo body.

Ain't no stoppin when the ladies get to rockin'.


[Verse 1: Trina]


I'm still tha baddest drapped in the best fabrics.

Leathers and the CZ's and the S classes.

Ghetto angel. wrist glists like the rainbow.

Yellow reds and blues. Watch the ice dangle.

Colorful things full beams no illusion.

VVS clean gleam no inclusions.

Glamorous with the gangst twist.

Gucci on the hip Betaluche on the wrist.

And we off glasswe glistining u listining.

I got that new shyt like William holla.

U thinking I'm a dyme but I'ma silver dollar.

Ice 'round my collar the Diamond Princess that's right.

It's a lotta big money in my sixes. Marble walls from Mikka floors.

Shoes by Jimmy Chose and Micheal Clours.

Fuck Thelma and Louise it's Trina and Eve.



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[Verse 2: Eve]


Ay Yo. I'm not a regular bytch I don't do regular shyt dog.

U see me on T.V. u know that I spit. Know these niggaz I'm wit.

Game ain't change me that much. Discovered incline.

Discovered that it tightened my butt.

But really other that that hate these frivolous chats.

DO I cook or clean.

Daddy I hire for that. Need a house wife?

That ain't Eve my business come first.

I think you'll understand after this one verse.

Always been a bytch about mine and fuck wit winners.

Me and Trin top of tha line. Nigga listen.

Keep these chicks prayin we stop. It neva happens.

Sittin' back wishing that they neva started rappin.

Too late hurtin' 'em hard. What chu wan do?

Stop what? Fuck out tha way watch how we come through.

I'm living too good. Fuck u suckas.

At the club at the bar sippin blue mothafuckas.



[Verse 3: Trina]


You see can't too many hoes come after me.

I hafta be in the Jacob or the Master Piece.

It take cash to speak. I neva had to lease.

Between me and the girls we need at least half the flee.

My man's money gotta be longer than his dick.

But look long as u want. Who stronger than this clique?

From 1 minute 2 minutes some minute.

The G 5 me and E so come wit it.


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