La Roux Calls Sophomore Album “Sexier”

In an interview with ‘W Magazine,’ La Roux’s Elly Jackson calls their next album “sexier.” La Roux Calls Sophomore Album “Sexier”

Since the announcement of La Roux’s sophomore album, their first in five years, in May, singer Elly Jackson has gone to the press to talk about the upcoming release. The latest hint was in W Magazine, in which Jackson discussed her change of look and the new album’s character.

The profile paints Jackson as a perfectionist who felt her youth officially ended when La Roux dropped their debut album in 2009. Nevertheless, as she lets down her pompadour hairstyle, she describes Trouble in Paradise – their album slated to come out this month – as being freer.

Specifically, she describes, they decided to record with a live band, rather than make tracks so structured this time around. She explained: “The songs on the(first album were very structured. This new album is…sexier.”

Jackson further compares La Roux’s music to her fashion choices, which lean toward the androgynous. She later says in the interview: “I wouldn’t say I dress like a man, but I do dress in a masculine way. Sexy is not about shagging in the club or drinking from the minibar.”

Trouble in Paradise comes out on July 21 on Polydor and follows their 2009 self-titled album. While the latter produced hits like “Bulletproof” and “In For The Kill,” Trouble has put out promo single “Let Me Down Gently” and lead-in track “Uptight Downtown.”

From what you’ve heard of Trouble in Paradise, would you describe it as “sexier”?

Written on Jul 02 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: la roux trouble in paradise


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