Kreayshawn Discusses Debut Album

Yesterday, Kreayshawn’s debut album ‘Somethin’ Bout Kreay’ dropped. She spoke with the ‘Village Voice’ about her release. Kreayshawn Discusses Debut Album

Over a year ago, Kreayshawn garnered a large amount of attention (and internet hits) for “Gucci Gucci,” and now, the Oakland, Calif., rapper released her major-label debut Somethin’ Bout Kreay on September 18. However, compared to her hit, Somethin’ is a higher-quality, production-wise, recording and expands multiple genres.

Speaking with the Village Voice, Kreayshawn explained the mix of hip-hop and punk listeners will find on the album: “But I wanted the album to be a musical adventure. I wanted every song to kinda represent a different genre of music, and that was kinda the whole thought process behind the album. I want every song to be a reflection of the genres of music that I'm into, because I'm into so many different types of music, different artists.”

Aside from the genre-spanning sounds, Somethin’ was recorded in a studio – unlike “Gucci Gucci” and tracks that followed. Originally, the rapper recorded with a laptop and a microphone.

Because Kreayshawn’s popularity came not through the radio but, instead, the internet, she discusses the criticism experienced throughout her brief time in the spotlight, from harsh bloggers to harassment on Twitter. But, during her interview, she admits that scoring a hit – or even being paid to make music – was one of her aspirations. Instead, she explains: I never sold a song. I'd never been paid for a verse. None of that. I do what I do for the love of music. That's why sometimes it's hard, because when you get into this position people think these weird things about you. I'm never mad at anybody. I did blow up off of ‘Gucci Gucci.’ That was the main thing. But my love and history of music goes way far back. And I think that is kinda like the difference between people who just come and go.”

What have you thought of Kreayshaw’s post-“Gucci Gucci” work? Do you think she can carry an album?

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Ade Cmr 20p 2 years ago

She's so great, and I really enjoy her new album! Kreayshawn rules!


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