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Keith Sweat Knew It All Along lyrics is the 2nd song on the album "'til The Morning" by Keith Sweat. The "Knew It All Along" lyrics by Keith Sweat are displayed below.
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Knew It All Along by Keith Sweat

I've always wanted to say it

'Cause I've always felt it in my heart

I just didn't want to mess up our friendship



We've known each other since we were young so young

That's why you feel you can talk to me

You and me you know we're just like family girl

And you've been telling me for so long long

About what's been going on with your man

How he talks to you how he treats you raises his hand oh no

See I knew back then that man of yours

He was no damn good

But I left it then didn't wanna get in between it all along

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When it's five o'clock in the morning

You wake up and he still ain't made it home

Just remember every word I told you

When I said I knew this all along

I'm not trying to be nobody's home wrecker

I'm just trying to tell you as a friend

So what you really don't know in the end

Is that I love you


And I hope this doesn't change our relationship baby

'Cause it ain't worth losing a life long friend

I thought about it but I just couldn't hold it in

And I know this is a lot to take in right now oh yeah

It's just the way he's been treating you

I can't take it no more

I knew back then that man of yours

He was no damn good no

But I left it then didn't wanna get in between it


Baby hope you open your eyes to see

Treat on me for you baby

And I'm never let you hurt you again

You gotta end it baby

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